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Aisling's Airts  recordings is the sales arm of Technoharp.com. We supply recordings from Aisling, Folk Harper, and her band Dhá Chlairseach, as well as occasionally featuring selections recorded by or with friends. All recordings are priced in US funds, and prices listed do not include shipping charges unless so noted. Several of my recordings are also available through CD Baby, whose link is listed in the description of these CDs.

"The Sunne Beneath The Snow" A collection of songs for the Winter Solstice, ranging from the 4th  to the 20th centuries. Solo Troubadour and Witcher Gothic harps, with zills, Stannard chimes, log drum, vocals, miscellaneous percussion and ambient sounds. Set list includes: Lullay My Liking, Cornish Sans Day Carol, Huron Carol, Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance, more. Recorded 2001, # AAR 0101 Available; $12.00 Buy this CD now.

"Aisling"The band is Dhá Chlairseach, my intermittent duo. The music is traditional Irish, Scots, Manx, Welsh, English and two tunes I wrote. We are both playing Troubadour harps and there is a certain sound that we think was faery-tuned...we can't figure out who was playing some harmonies. Very unusual treatments of traditional tunes...my partner, Irminsul coined the phrase "aural tradition" for what we do. I prefer "Celtic fusion." But it's what YOU think that interests me...let us know how you like it! Re-Recorded 2000, # AAR 9601 Available. $18.99(buy this CD now)

"Shekinah, Hebrew Goddess: Restoring the Balance" Desert Wind . This is a collection of original music and traditional tunes centered around the Hebrew Goddess-figure Shekinah, who is considered to be the manifestation of divine energy. The liner notes are scholarly, informative and extensive. Twenty-two musicians playing fifty or so different instruments...the sound is sometimes Middle Eastern (there are some pieces suitable for belly dancing) sometimes Celtic, sometimes New Age. Aisling is featured on the Troubadour harp on cuts 1, 6, and 8 through 10. I had a lot of fun with this one and it was a real change of pace for a Celtic harper. See what you think! Recorded 1993. Available. $15.99 Buy this CD now.

"Waterharp" This CD is currently in production. All-original Celtic and New Age style music using Troubadour Harp, Witcher Gothic lap harp, ocean drum, chimes and zills. All tunes relate to the Wheel of the Year and the various ways the Goddess manifests the element of water. Available Yule 2003.

"Caili'n le Cruiteanna" This CD is currently in production. All traditional Irish music played on nylon and wire harps, with bowed psaltery, keyboard and percussion. Music of Turlough O'Carolan, traditional aires, ballads, medieval songs and dance tunes arranged for solo harp and small ensemble. Available Spring Equinox 2004.

"Songs From An Inland Sea" THIS RECORDING INCLUDED FOR HISTORICAL INTEREST ONLY < NOT FOR SALE> The year was 1988...the band was "Hermitage." Celtic rock'n roll with original music based on traditional legends. Acoustic 6- & 12- string guitar, electric bass, drum and Troubadour harp. Songs written by Gareth O'Connell and Máirín Ní Dubhtheach, all arrangements original. If you ever heard the band "Orbis" you might have liked to listen to this. First steps on this long road I am traveling. Maybe some day the other musicians who played with me might actually like to release this for sale. Until then, if you want to hear it...you have to come see me!