My View of
Brie's World

This is one of several pages devoted to the interests and skills of my honey. I need to make it clear that these pages, while done by her permission, were not done by her, and therefore are by necessity an outsider's view of who she is, and what she does. A very partial outsider, to be sure, since she is indeed the love of my life. But she might not describe herself as I do, nor would she see her own interests, nor focus on her own skills, traits and characteristics, as I see them. But a loving eye sees clearly, and so I offer these as not only a description of, but a tribute to, a multifaceted, talented and self-effacing soul who has added much beauty and goodness and delight, not only to my world, but to that of many others. Here then is my lover's-eye view of Brie's World...



Faery Halls

Scent & Smoke