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Welcome to the Sanctuary of the Gracious
Goddess Brighid, Mother of the Gael.

llustration by Miranda Gray,
Celtic Gods and Celtic Goddesses by R.J. Stewart

This area is my tribute to my Goddess-Mother, the Goddess Bride, or Brighid, or Bridget, or Brede, or "many other names". She caught me by the hair in 1989, when I was contemplating dedicating to *A* Goddess, as part of my progression in Wicca...I played the part of one of the 3 faces of Brighid in an Imbolc rite, and as we finished, and lovingly "dismissed" the Goddess...SHE didn't GO!! In fact, I couldn't get myself grounded for several DAYS...until I realized that she was TELLING me I began to really listen...and I have not yet stopped hearing HER voice. When I later found out that Saint Bridget of the Catholic Church was known as "Bridget, daughter of Dubhtheach, of KillDara"...that is, "BridgetDuffy of Kildare"...well, since my last name is Duffy and my ancestors came from Kildare, it wasn't hard to figure WHAT she was trying to say...

Brighid is one of the most ancient Goddesses of the Old Celts, and one of the most full of Her lore was the Celtic world, for so many years, that when Christianity came to Ireland, she was the ONLY Goddess who became a "saint"...As with the phenomenon of turning Pagan Sabbats into Christian and non-denominational holidays, it was accepted that Brighid wasn't going to leave quietly...hence, Saint Bridget, a supposed contemporary of Saints Columba and Patrick...with all the lore and legend attached to her that originally belonged to the Goddess Brighid. She was called the "foster mother of Christ" and is spoken of as "Mary of the Gael". She was known as three sister-goddesses, all named Brighid, one a poet, one a metalsmith, one a healer. Every spring in Ireland has at least one legend about the "bonny Brede" who blessed the water so it would heal, or nourish the cattle, or never run dry. The nineteen virgins who tended the sacred flame of KillDara became nineteen holy nuns who served the Saint, who was said to have been ordained so she could celebrate Mass like a priest. Indeed, it is not only the Celts that have legends of Brighid...Her name is the root of the words bread, breed, bride, bright, and even the word broad when it means a woman.

Within the Sanctuary, there are several areas of focus, many of which are also listed in an index below in order to make it possible for you to find what you want quickly. I base my worship of the Old Gods on the ancient system of the Celtic Year, the Calendar of the Trees, and on the Ogham. So there is a special section which discusses the ogham and gives the glyphs for the letters, as well as some information about their meanings. In following the Sacred Year, we walk the Solar and Lunar Wheels, celebrating the thirteen moons and the Eight Great these are also discussed here. The four Quarters of the year are studied, with their mundane and magickal attributions. There is a page of prayers, invocations and poetry to the Goddess Brighid and other Deities...some of this is my own work and some is ancient or composed by friends..all is sincere. This page is perpetually redone and improved upon, so if you stay away for a while, check back...there will be something new!
So there will be many additions and changes...who ever says everything they want to, for or about their own Goddess? So perhaps while you are awaiting my additions to the page, you might like to follow some of the links here...meanwhile, here is the Sanctuary...enter with love and reverence, in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust...

This  candle burns at this shrine every 20 days in harmony with other Keepers of the Flame throughout the world, in honor of my Goddess, Brighid of the Flame.


Celtic Deities

by Firesilk

The patron Goddess of this space is the Celtic Triple Goddess Brighid. She is patroness of poets, crafters, and healers. Here is an ancient invocation to Her, used as a Morning or Evening prayer, or in times of danger;

The Genealogy of Brighid

        Every day and every night
        That I say the genealogy of Brighid
        I shall not be killed, 
        I shall not be wounded;
        I shall not be harried;
        I shall not be put into a cell;
        No fire, no sun, no moon will burn me;
        No water, no lake, no sea will drown me:
        For I am child of Poetry;
        Poetry, child of Reflection;
        Reflection, child of Meditation;
        Meditation, child of Lore;
        Lore, child of Research;
        Research, child of Great Knowledge;
        Great Knowledge, child of Intelligence;
        Intelligence, child of Comprehension;
        Comprehension, child of Wisdom;
        Wisdom, child of Brighid.

Brighid's Arrow--an Invocation

Most Holy Brighid, Excellent Woman, Bright Arrow, Sudden Flame; May your bright fiery Sun take us swiftly to your lasting kingdom.
(This was a pre-battle invocation used to Brighid the Warrior. I have found it very effective in other "battle situations''; court fights, hard confrontations, family arguments, etc.)

by Firesilk

Here is a Celtic Invocation called "Patrick's Rune." It calls upon all the elements to preserve the invoker, and is a powerful act of magic when done with intent.

Patrick's Rune

        I, ________, (your name) in this fateful hour
        Place all Nature with Her power;
        The Sun with its brightness, 
        The Moon with its whiteness,
        The Fire with all the strength it hath,
        The Lightning with its rapid wrath, 
        The Winds with their swiftness along their path,
        The Sea with its deepness,
        The Rocks with their steepness,
        The Earth with its starkness;
        All these I place
        With Patrick's (or Brighid's) almighty help and grace
        Between myself and the powers of darkness.

The Deer's Cry
I arise today
through the strength of Heaven:
Light of Sun,
Radiance of Moon,
Splendor of Fire,
Speed of Lightning,
Swiftness of Wind,
Depth of Sea,
Stability of Earth,
Firmness of Rock

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