The Center of It All...
Who am I...really....? Well..lessee...other pages have given some info... harper, Witch, lesbian wife, Celt, writer, webpage designer (very new!)
And a host of other things...but what really sums it all up? I'm not
sure anything can, or will...but it is polite for people to know to whom
they are speaking in the typical fashion of Witches, I have set
about discovering, here goes...

DOB:  September 7, 1947
POB: New York State, on Long Island
Given Name: Maureen Frances {Julia Rose}
(the latter 2 are Confirmation names from my Catholic childhood)
Father: Owen Henry
Mother: Mary Jane
               One brother, Hank
               Two sisters, Gael, Jodi
Ancestry: nothing but Irish, on both sides
Abode: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
             1: June 8, 1968
             2: September 16, 1997
(I think number 2 took. Number one happened in a Church covered with black funeral wreaths, leftovers from a previous memorial service for Robert Kennedy. Love those omens!!!)
Spouse: The gorgeous lady next to me in the Yule picture below, Brie
( I'm the Black Irish lady on your right)
Progeny: (from marriage #1, natch!) 
             1 son, David
             3 daughters. Sara, Emeliee, Meighanne