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Community Events for June 2005

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Tuatha de Tara
Druidry and Celtic philosophies are being taught in a series of open public classes every Wednesday evening 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Bran (Paul Tucker) is hosting these classes at his home, so if you are interested in attending, please e-mail Scotishdruid@earthlink.net or 
phone: 801 455-5635. These are free Druid classes, no membership required, you can start at anytime. for more info contact Paul as above.

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Dark Moon Drumming!!
Dark Moon Drummers are gathering once again this month, on the evening of Monday, June 6th, the Dark Moon of Hawthorne. Drum Circle will take place at SVUUS, 6876 South 2000 East, beginning at 7 PM. Drums will be provided or bring your own. Please come join us to bring in the Dark Moon! This Drumming is required if you want to drum with us at the Gay Pride Interfaith Service on June 11th at 6 PM. Sponsored by the Dark Moon Drummers Guild of CRF CUUPS. This will be an ongoing monthly activity, on the evening of the Dark Moon. It is free and open to the public, including children. All are welcome. 

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Goddess Circle
This month's Goddess Circle will take place on the evening of Monday. June 13th, at the Central City Community Center in SLC, 615 S. 300 East, Room 35-36  in Salt Lake City, Utah. This month's Goddess is the Lady Pax. This is an open public ritual in honor of a different Goddess each month. Attendance is open. Everyone is welcome. There is no cost to participate, although donations are gratefully accepted. If you'd like, bring food for feasting. Everyone is welcome. For more information call (801) 466-7083 or contact gfaulk@mindspring.com.

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Witch's Brew!!! 
Rapidly becoming a beloved tradition, Witch's Brew is a PNO activity that takes place every second Friday at the Salt Lake Roasting Company, on the corner of 300 South and 400 East in Salt Lake City. We will be meeting in June on the evenings of June 10th and June 24th, starting about 9 PM. Free form, relaxing, not usually scheduled although topics do come up and are enthusiastically pursued.  Wicca 101-type  questions are also welcome. For info call 971-5682  See you there!

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Earth-Centered Spirit Circle
Every second Sunday, members of Chalice of the Rainbow Flame Chapter of CUUPs host a free-form class discussion from noon to one PM at SVUUS (6876 South 2000 East) on topics relevant to Earth-Centered Spirituality. These classes are drop-in, drop-out (i.e. no registration needed), free, open to the public, and highly diverse in topic. This month we are meeting June 5th and June 26th (second meeting delayed a week due to the Litha Sabbat). We will be discussing (and sharing) Words of Wise People that have inspired us, on June 5th, and talking about nature activities for city-dwellers on June 26th. You are welcome to join us.

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The Brigid Project
Our next workshop is to be held Saturday, June 11th (10 am-Noon) at the Main Salt Lake City Library (210 E. 400 S. ~ SLC, UT) from 10 AM to noon. Our topic this month is Writing Your Memoirs. The Brigid Project has changed our schedule! Workshops will now be on the second Saturday of each month. Same time, same place.
For more information about the Brighid Project, please visit our web site.

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Chalice of the Rainbow Flame CUUPS: Wheel of the Sun 
CRF CUUPS will hold its June workshop/ritual on Monday evening, June 19th, at South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society, 6876 South 2000 East in Salt Lake City, beginning at 7:30 PM. For this workshop, we are inaugurating our outdoor space for 2005, complete with fire pit and labyrinth walk. There will also be an observance of the Lammas festival for those who may have been unable to attend the SunStave festival in Ogden the preceding Saturday. This rite will be outdoors. Please dress accordingly. For further information on this and other CUUPs activities, please see our web site.

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The Church of the Sacred Circle: MoonCraft Full Moon
MoonCraft will again hold a celebration on the Sunday closest to the Full Moon in June. The scheduled date is Sunday, June 19th. MoonCraft is hosted by the Church of the Sacred Circle, and meets at Anderson Commons, 734 East 200 South in Salt Lake City from4:30 to 7:30 PM. If you have questions, call Heron at 801-330-MOON or Cerridwen or Big Dog at 801-453-1288. There is a donation  requested for this ritual to pay for space rental. Suggested Donation: $5 non-members, $3 members. 

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Salt Lake Pagan Pride ~ General Planning Meeting
The Salt Lake Pagan Pride Co-Ordinators are hosting an open public planning meeting on Wednesday evening, June 29th, at 7 PM at the SLC Main Library, 210 East 400 South. Meetings through the summer will contimue to be on the last Wednesday of the month unless otherwise announced. There will be some discussion of plans for the day, coordination of volunteers, workshops, vending and other planning. If you are interested in being involved in Pagan Pride Day planning, please plan to be there.

Below Is Information About Ongoing Groups 
and Recurring Events in the Salt Lake Area. 
Please see the listings above for updated information on specific events.
Goddess Circle:
The Order of Our Lady of Salt hosts Goddess Circle from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.on the second Monday of every month. This is the longest-running continual Pagan worship service in Salt Lake City, now beginning its ninth year. It will be at the Central City Community Center - 615 S. 300 East, Room 35-36  in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is an open  public ritual in honor of a different Goddess each month. Attendance is open. Everyone is welcome. There is no cost to participate, although donations are gratefully accepted. If you'd like, bring food for feasting. Everyone is welcome. For more information call (801) 466-7083 or contact  gfaulk@mindspring.com. Hope you can make it!

Utah Pagan Clergy Association:
The Utah Pagan Clergy Association's mission statement and purpose is "to provide networking, support and continuing education for Pagan clergy in Utah. " All interested in networking, support, or continuing education in providing and developing Pagan clergy services and/or leadership in the Utah community are welcome. Our regular meetings are the first Monday of the Month at the Sprague Branch Library. Watch this space for details of future meetings or visit our web site at http://members.tripod.com/utahpaganclergy

Utah Pagan Family Support:
UPFS has an ongoing schedule of family-friendly activities. Please join the Yahoogroup below to find out time and place of planning meetings for this event, and in order to be made aware of many other activities. The GATHERING is on the second Saturday of the month. This event is hosted by different people every month. So long as what you choose to do is family-friendly, anything goes. If you are interested in child-friendly activities for families and family support of various kinds from other Pagan parents and grandparents, please join the UPFS Yahoo group at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/UPFS

The Brigid Project:
This is a new endeavor for the Salt Lake Pagan Community, having begun in the winter of 2002.  All meetings are at the Salt Lake City Main Library - 210 E. 400 S. SLC, UT (3rd Floor Conference Room) unless otherwise stated in the schedule. All sessions are from 10:00 AM 'til Noon. The Brigid Project has its own website, at http://www.brigidgroup.com. where you can learn more about the philosophy of the group and about the presenters. The Brigid Project is designed to introduce interested members of the community to different topics that are covered by a variety of experts from around the valley. Each workshop includes presentation, meditation, and individual self-discovery exercises. All workshops are free and everyone is welcome! Light refreshments will be served. Please feel free to attend any or all of the sessions. Bring an open mind and a friend! The new schedule for Winter/Sproong 2005 is on our website ~ please go check it out!

Chalice of the Rainbow Flame CUUPS, SLC
This is a chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, sponsored by South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society in Salt Lake City. Currently we are offering a Workshop/Ritual on the third Monday of every month and a Dark Moon Drumming Circle on the evening of the Dark Moon, monthly, as well as other activities throughout the month. All activiites sponsored by CUUPS are free and open to the public. Most monthly activities are child-friendly. For information about future events sponsored by Chalice of the Rainbow Flame CUUPS, please visit our web site , or contact Aisling DreamRange at aisling@technoharp.com

UUCO Pagans (Ogden CUUPS)
Pagan Night Out in Ogden: Sponsored by UUCO Pagans Held the 13th of every month, from 7 to 9 PM, at 3005 S Harrison Blvd, Ogden UT 84403 at Grounds for Coffee. The  UUCO CUUPS hosts a variety of other activities including Full Moon Circles and Sabbat celebrations for people in the Weber County area. For information e-mail Rowan WhiteLlight at rowan_whitellight@yahoo.com

Wasatch Pines Circle ~ Spiral Scouts
There is a new Hearth of the Spiral Scouts, Wasatch Pines Circle, active in Salt Lake City at the present time. Regular meetings are held on every other Wednesday night, at 7 PM. Locations vary: contact losgann_2000@yahoo.com for location of any meeting. If you are interested in assisting, or in entering your children in the Spiral Scouts Hearth, please e-mail losgann_2000@yahoo.com

The Church of the Sacred Circle
The Church of the Sacred Circle will be holding monthly full moon ceremonies known as MoonCraft Full Moons and twice-yearly workshop dates to our members as well as to the larger Earth based faith community. If you need directions or more info you can call Heron at 330-MOON.


For more information, please see our website at http://www.sacredcirclechurch.com   You can also email us at info@sacredcirclechurch.com

Calendar is updated as I receive information. If you have an event that is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC please e-mail me and it will be added to the listing.

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