1. Law of Knowledge: to effect/affect a thing you must know the thing. The more you know about yourself the more you can know something else.

2. Law of Identification: with your will you can become anything- be one with anything. (Our only real tool is the brain)

3. Law of Contagion: anything that has been in contact with something else maintains contact with that thing through the ether.

4. Law of Names: knowing the True Name of something defines the action you take to focus afunction on that thing.

5. Law of Cause and Effect: under exactly the same conditions using the same actions you will always obtain the same results.

6. Law of Infinite Data: there is more in the universe than we can sense or know. Learning never stops.

7. Law of Association: if a thing reminds you of something else it can be used as a simulacrum for that something else for magickal purposes.

8. Law of Infinite Universes: change your perspective in one area and you change your universe. There are always three choices available. This is the First Spell of Change.

9. Law of Invocation and Evocation: there are forces outside and inside of you that you can tap and direct through your brain.

10. Law of Pragmatism: if it works, it is real.

11. Law of Predestination and Free Will: events are predestined, but each person chooses whether and to what extent to participate in them.

12. Law of Polarity: everything contains and implies its opposite.

13. Law of Magickal Entropy:  if you leave something alone for long enough, it will change on its own. Don't be too quick to do magick.

14. Law of Serendipity: If you are on the right track, things will come together in unexpected ways, when you least expect them to. You will always be able to trace a direct cause-and-effect path for this when the situation is over.

15. Law of Inefficiency: You can often achieve more useful results from an unsuccessful act of Magick  than  from  one that works  the way you intended it to.

16. Law of Synthesis: The combination of any two energy forms will result in a third energy form more complex than the combination of the original two.


1. As above so below. You can extrapolate the universe from  one atom.

2. Rhythm serves as a counterbalancing pendulum.

3. "Chance" is a Law which tends to be ignored.

4. "Time" is a function of perspective, subject to the aggregate psychological outlook of your society.

5. Matter is a function of energy; energy can be converted but not destroyed.

6. Even though there are always three choices available, you can always think of another one.

7.There is no such thing as a wrong emotion, just an incorrect interpretation and manifestation thereof.

8. Don't take yourself too seriously, you are a physical function of a very young race. And Life is a lowlife clever practical joker, that loves to muck up your plans - keep your sense of humor.

9. It may not matter 10,000 years from now, but if it affects you it matters. Understand it and respond accordingly.

10. Never attribute your own motives to someone else.

11. Most of the magic that truly works arises from the intrusion of the unexpected. Use what you are given.

12. Words of Power draw their power from the perceived power of the one who utters the words. So when you say "So Mote It Be" you better KNOW it is so!

13. Don't pee in the beer.


1. The Law of Mentalism: The Universe is mental. We exist in the mind of the All. That part of us which is deity makes up the world and everything in it.

2. The Law of Correspondence: We exist in all planes, astral as well as physical. Or rather planes independent of the physical.

3. The Law of Vibration: Everything is in motion and vibrates with its own rate of the vibration.

4. The Law of Polarity: Polarity = Power. All things are dual, everything contains its opposite.

5. The Law of Rhythm: All things are in some way circular, spiral, cyclic,  and in order to function the best way, you must adapt to live in harmony with natural rhythms.

6. The Law of Gender: The law of polarity, applied. Everything has both masculine and feminine components and energies.

7. The Law of Cause and Effect: There are no coincidences, nothing happens by chance. Everything is a cycle. For every effect, there is a cause, and every cause is an effect in something else.