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                       In the early days of the Celtic tribes, the bards were the keepers of lore and history, the makers of myth, the holders of the hearts of their people. In latter days, especially among Pagans, the bard has become  simply a musician-storyteller, although some traditions use "bard" as a Craft specialty akin to shamanism. I prefer the ancient definition, and feel playing and writing songs and tales is one way to revive and hand on the "oral tradition" which is unique to ancient cultures such as the Celts were, as well as to nontraditional religions like Wicca.

For information on both kinds of barding, you might visit Rowanhold Bardic Circle , or perhaps The Bard's Library. There is also information about the lore and work of Bards at the OBOD site (Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.)...then there's the Bardic Realm, if you are a Renaissance Faire bard or other medievalist. As well as the "Realm", there is an official homepage for SCA Minstrels which contains a great deal of music and history for bardic use. One might look at the  Sacred Fire site, which has a great deal of information about the history of Barding. I am a member of the Bard's Guild, which will take you to many merry and ancient realms of fantasie and music. Much Arthurian information regarding "The Matter of Britain" can be found at "Legends: The Welsh Bards." an historic site.

              I am a Celtic harper whose intermittent duo, Dhá Chlairseach  , has just released its first CD, "Aisling."  I also own, with my partner Briana, a recording company, Aisling's Airts Recordings. Information about the  band, our music and future plans is here. Information about other recordings, both past and upcoming, as well as some liner note info, is in my current discography.

             A bard usually played an instrument, in ancient times almost always the harp. In fact, there  were stringent laws in Ireland and Wales about who could keep a harp since the instrument was considered to be magical. There is a great deal of  other harplore out there...the harp is a romantic and mythic instrument...your harp story can be found here. This will change frequently, so if you like it, save it...if it is my own work please include attribution if you reprint. If it's not mine it is in the public domain, so feel free to use as you will.

              The bard was a poet whose writings chronicled the history of a family, a clan or tribe, a kingdom or other group whose lore was necessary to the preservation of its unique character. Many modern-day bards also do this and I am no exception. You may share some of my writing here. The poetry will change frequently, and the fantasy novel will come along later, in chapters.

               I have played the harp as a professional since 1987, and have had many and varied harping experiences in various venues around the Intermountain West. Here is a chronological listing of performances and other historical information:

* Member of "Hermitage". Played regular monthly gigs at The Pie and Geppetto's in SLC from 1987-1990. 
* Recorded "From An Inland Sea" with "Hermitage" in 1988
* Featured artist with "Hermitage" at KRCL radio's "Day in the Park" 1990.
* Featured, with Idlewilde, on the Hibernian Society float, Salt Lake City St. Patrick's Day Parade, 1990.
* Concert opening with "Hermitage" for the Celtic band "Walkabouts" at the Speedway in 1992.
* Member "Loose Shoes" Celtic contradance band, 1991-1993.
* Played the small harp on the "Loose Shoes" float in the Hibernian Society's St. Patrick's Day parade, 1991.
* Featured at the I.A.M.A. Coffeehouse in 1991. 
* Solo artist playing for the Granite School District In-Service, (several performances) 1991.
* Featured performer at the Siamsa of the Hibernian Society, 1991 & 1992.

* Played the Medieval Banquet of the Hibernian Society, 1992 & 1993.
* Featured harpist on "Shekhina, Restoring the Balance" released by Desert Wind in 1993.
* Founded "Celtic Harp and Heritage", a one-woman bardic historical performance of Celtic myth and legend, offered to the Salt Lake and Granite School Districts from 1993-1995. 
* Founded "Dha Chlairseach" with Scott Jorgensen, 1994.
* Became a Bard in 1994 in the former Principality (now the Kingdom) of Artemesia, SCA, and played regularly for Court, Coronation and Feasts in the Barony of Loch Sallan from 1994 to 1996. 
* First release of Dha Chlairseach's CD, "Aisling" in 1995.
* Featured solo performer, University of Utah Employee Christmas Party, 1994.
* As "Dha Chlairseach", traveled to Evanston, Wyoming to play the St. Patrick's Day Festival in 1995. 
* "Dha Clairseach" also featured bards at Quickbeam Circle in 1994-1995. 
* Solo artist for  the opening of the Main Street Art Gallery in SLC in 1996.
* Featured performer at SCA 30-year Court, Seattle WA, 1996.
* Concert Co-ordinator for the "Wholly Merry Harp Circle". ISFHC, 1994-1996
* "Dha Chlairseach" featured at the Utah Scottish Festival, 1997.
* Guest artist with "Idlewilde" at Crompton's St. Patrick's Day Bash, 1994-1997.

* "Dha Chlairseach" at the Utah Scottish Festival, 1998.
* Featured performer , as "Dha Chlairseach", at the opening of The Lost Arts gallery and boutique, 1998.
* Featured performer, as "Dha Chlairseach" at Grand Council, COG Merry Meet, in Las Vegas, 1998
* Busker at the Park City Arts Festival and the Utah Arts Festival, 1999.
* Founded "Aisling's Airts Recordings", 2000.
* Associated as "Aisling the Bard" with "Heart and Soul" 2001.
* Member, "Millennium Project" funded by "Harping for Harmony". 2001. Named "Millennium Harper of Salt Lake Valley" in 2002.
* Played for the Irish Delegation and the Irish Olympic Team, as well as the Irish Olympic Council dignitaries, on the Salt Lake Winter Olympics Cultural Olympiad, February 2002.
* Featured on "Irish Roots" on KRCL Radio, March 2004.
* Became music coordinator of the Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition, 2005. 
* Featured Performer at Cafe Marmalade, SLC, 2005-2007.
* Recorded and released solo harp album "Sunne Beneath The Snow" in 2005.
* Recording and writing three CDs: "Aisling the Bard" Irish, Scots and Welsh  folk songs; "Caol Abheile" original songs and chants; and "Cruiteanna", ambient harp sounds following the cycle of the seasons. 2005 to present. 

               There are many resources for purchasing harps, for making harps, for buying recordings, for harp repair, and  forlocations of stores which sell harp-related merchandise. Go to The  Celtic Harp Page to find these resources.

               And of course, there is the music!!! Some of the best  sites for the kind of music I play can be found on the Net through Ceolas, a comprehensive resource for Celtic music. As well, there is Ladyslipper Music, Green Linnet Music, and a host of homepages for such bands as Altan,Clannad, Enya and others.

                         Thank you for visiting  Bardshall...come again!

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