Effect of the Moon's Eight Phases on Your Personal Reality
Area Affected Dark Moon


New Moon


First Quarter


Gibbous Moon

( Bud)

Full Moon


Waning Crescent


Last Quarter


Old Moon


Mind Your mind turns inwards --you feel contemplative. Nonfiction reading.

Intuition active.

Sudden insights. New ideas. Writing is easier. Plans develop easily. You may take on more than you can do. You notice details. Also become self-aware and gregarious.


You want to share, teach, do. Talkative,
May sell idea, sign contract

Finish job

stand personal process.


Clear thinking.

Apply lessons. Ideas
become habits.

Leisure reading.

Waste time.



You feel heavy. May retain water. Inactive. Also slowing of metabolism. Appetite begins to increase.

Sleep less.

You may lose some weight. Increased thirst and hunger. Urge for exercise. Wake earlier. Sexuality peaks. Also stay up late. BP may rise slightly. Activity level diminishes.  Appetite decreases. Slight weight loss. Longest sleep patterns of the month. Least appetite.


May be deep and strong but inwardly focussed. Not interested in public or group ritual. Inner work on Dark Self


Divination time. Also begin processes.Dedicate, join coven.


Good time for learning new lore and skills. Take classes. Work with the God


Begin to see development of process. Initiate change 



Focus on aether. Connect with "folk'.

Goddess work.


Banishing spells. Charms for breaking habits. Dreamwork


Rituals of praise and thanksgiving. Commemora-tions of the dead. Divination


Walking between the Worlds. Work with past lives or spirit guides. Meditations and astral projection


Physical energy Low ebb. You sleep well but feel inertia when awake. Energy spurts. Early rising. Energy is balanced. Energy increases. 10 am to 2 pm active times. Hard workouts are possible. Strength increases. Most active lunar cycle. Also increase in stamina. Evening energy. Begin to slow down. Become tired in afternoon. Earlier bedtime. Peaks midmorning. Lazy afternoon. May need nap. Energy fades at sunset. Takes til midmorning to get going. Peak activity from lunch to dinner.
Emotion Sensitive. Easily hurt. More likely to quarrel. Misunderstandings of communication, rather like moon-void-of -course Not a good time for crowds. Feelings may be delicate. and shy,  Feeling balanced and more outgoing. Not too introspective.


Enjoy socializing. Rather more vocal. Feelings of awareness, compassion. Feeling nurturing, sexually aware. Lighthearted.

Enjoy crowds.

Aware of others, empathetic, feel like you have much to give. Wanting attention, feeling like being cared for. Appreciative, clingy, 'cute'. Feeling self-indulgent, lazy, somewhat hedonistic. Not other-focused. Also withdrawn, uncommunicative
Women's mystery May be your bloodtime. If not, you feel full and self-protective. May have backache even if you are not fertile. Not interested in compromise in relationships Wary of personal relation-ships. You resemble small wild animal.cautious, shy. nervous. Most rational time for women. Logic is appealing. You are interested in discussing issues. You are becoming more loving, interested in intimacy. Also a time you choose to confide secrets. Femininity surfaces. You are sexy, flirtatious, aware of your appearance. Also emotional, somewhat silly. You may have passionate
emotional and sexual needs, especially for tenderness and verbal intimacy
"Mothering" behavior surfaces.

Health concerns, caretaking, home beautification, family issues.

Resentments may surface. Memories of other times may make you sad. Least emotional energy. Need quiet time, no crises, lots of sleep.
Men's mystery Time when communication is hard for you. The women in your life may seem withdrawn or unreasonable. Rejuvenate-- feeling invigorated. The sap is rising. Feel like courting. You are exocentric now, focus is on job or other mundanity. Least emotion manifested. Burst of emotional energy which does not last long. More gregarious, flirtatious. You become sociable, expansive, may spend money. You are flaunting your plumage. You are horny, but not necessarily tender. Variety may look good. You become focused on "husbanding" money, resources, time. You are nesting. May do lots of self-questioning. Maleness issues surface now. You do not wish to be questioned or criticised.

(Northern Utah)

If a dry month, may be windy. If rainy, rain will be heavier. Often a time of unexpected storms. Most likely to sprinkle. Wind gusts. Except in winter, calmest winds of the month.  Likely to have clouds with no rain. Moderate wind. During summer, most extreme temperatures of month. Time of the month in winter when the inversion most likely. Chaos patterns in weather. Also most unlikely weather events. Strongest canyon winds. Moisture increases. Temperature narrowest range of month.
Dreams Symbolic, obscure. May contain images of caves, shadowy places, blood and secrets. Often dream of childhood, dead friends Restless sleep. Dreams are fragmentedWish- dreams. Dreams more realistic, fewer symbols. May have prophetic dreams now. Dreams are active. Sleep is deep and relaxing. Often dream of the past, recognizably. Best time of month for lucid dreaming. Most likely to remember dreams. If you do not usually remember your dreams, this is the best time of month to try. Often dream answers to real-life questions. Start dream diary now to see patterns. Least likely to remember your dreams. Deep REM sleep but sudden waking.

Will sometimes dream serially.



                      The "three days of the Moon" is a concept drawn from ancient Sumerian lore, where there were three Moon Goddesses during the time
                 of the Full Moon, and the three Gods of the Moon during the time of the Dark Moon. Each of the three days of the moon cycle represents

                 a different set of attributes and energies.

Cycle of the Dark Moon


                  The first day of the Dark Moon cycle is known as the Old Moon, the waning crescent at its extreme level of attrition. The attribution of this
                  moon cycle is "Composting" or "Pruning." It is the best day in the lunar cycle to do banishing work for habits or diseases, end relationships,
                  bury old resentments, discard items of which you wish to lose the influence (throw away your old boyfriend's stuff today, or clean out the closet
                  you have been avoiding since Grandma died.), quit a job, or move. This day is sacred to the "Old Man of the Moon," and is a good day to honor
                  your ancestors or pay respect to an old person or tradition.. It is a poor time to begin a relationship or business deal, find a house, buy anything
                  of value, or begin school or magical training.


                  The second day of the Dark Moon cycle is the Dark Moon, called in some traditions the New Moon. This is the Seed Moon, and its energy is
                  focused on inception, on inner work and the process of renewal. Traditionally, coven work on this day focuses on workshops or classes that may
                  be of personal use to covenors, with the expectation that any ritual done will be individual work. If possible, traditional lore says this is not a good
                  day to make decisions or begin or end things in mundane reality...it is a day of stasis, rather like a mild moon-void-of-course. However, there
                  are certain kinds of magical activities which work well today...Personal divination, creation of charms of protection, choice of a magical name,
                  and past-life regressions are likely to be very powerful on the Dark Moon.. The day is sacred to the Dark God, who leads us on the inner journey
                  to confront the Shadow Self, acting as protector and guide.


                  The third day of the Dark Moon cycle is either called the New Moon, if your tradition calls the second day (when the moon is not visible) the
                  Dark Moon, or the Crescent Moon or Waxing Moon, if your tradition calls the previous day the New Moon. It is sacred to the Young God and is
                  a day of sprouting, new beginnings and prophetic work. It is a good day to plant seeds, start a magical working, dedicate or initiate, handfast or
                  get pregnant, or begin a new job or relationship. Doing divination for others is likely to be successful today. If your coven does prefer to do
                  magical work or ritual around the Dark Moon, this is the most effective day of the cycle to schedule it. It is also a powerful time to begin any

                  long-term spellwork, like a job search, healing work, or searching for a mate or magical partner.

Cycle of the Full Moon


                 The first day of the Full Moon cycle is the Bursting Moon, or "Right Hand Moon". It is sacred to the Moon Goddess, Selene, the ever-pregnant
                 one, Goddess of potential. It is the time right before things come to fruition, the moment before success or completion. Therefore it is sometimes
                 referred to as the Maiden Moon. It is the time when we best can access our own potential, so it is the time of the Lunar Cycle to create future plans,
                 including doing guided meditation to answer questions, or astral travel to consult with spirit guides and avatars. Mundanely, it is a good day to
                 finish "beginning" processes, like signing a contract for an ongoing business deal, making an offer on a house, applying for a job, or taking
                 examinations in school. It is also the time of the Lunar Cycle when our memories are apt to be the most acute, especially short-term memory.
                 Since this moon phase deals with what is almost there, it is a good time to do such things as find lost objects or recall and make contact with
                 forgotten friends.


                 The second day of this cycle is the Full Moon. It is sacred to Arianrhod, the Silver Circle, Goddess of the Full Moon. It represents blossoming,
                 coming to full completeness or awareness. It is the best day of the cycle for guided meditations, lucid dreaming, and rites of passage. Both men ''
                 and women may be more sexually aware now, more tactile, sensual, languorous. It is often the preferred time for coven ritual since we connect
                 well with others at this time in the cycle. Celebrations and parties will be easier to produce and more successful at this time. It is also known as
                 the Mother Moon, and children born on a Full Moon may have well-developed psi abilities. Projects planned to end on a Full Moon are almost
                 always successful. The Full Moon exerts a strong pull on all the waters of the earth, so emotions may be volatile now (especially if you are a
                 water sign!) as well as weather being unsettled. Most people relate the best to people of the opposite sex on the Full Moon.

                 The third day of the cycle is the Disseminating Moon, or "Left Hand Moon." It represents the beginning of the process of harvesting, synthesis,
                 coming to understanding. In some traditions it is the Crone Moon. It is sacred to Athene, Goddess of Wisdom. It is a symbol of wisdom,
                 experience, a life well-lived.. On this day it is a good time to honor all types of continuity and wisdom, including handing down coven lore,
                 visiting with elders, honoring your ancestors, and teaching your children. Rituals done to access ancient wisdom are particularly successful on
                 this moon, especially those which are done by groups. Elevation to Elder status, croning ceremonies, and handparting ceremonies are successful
                 today. It is the best day of the month to write in your BOS, to record rituals or lore, or to analyze a magical process you have completed.

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