The Airtes of the Witch

"Solar Eclipse" by Jean-Paul Avisse



Wisecraft is my own term for the fusion of Celtic Wicca and Hereditary Witch Craft that make up my chosen Spirit Path. I have been trained in the Celtic Tradition and also received much knowledge and many practical techniques from my grandmother and aunts who were Catholics who honored the Old Ways. As a result my pathworkings include shamanic journeying, wortcunning, the Seer's Arte, storytelling nd other bardic arts, cooking and brewing, and intensive academic and philosophical study. It is my hope that the information here may be of use to you on your own journeying. Except as otherwise noted, all the information here is my original writing taken from my original research, and as such any errors of fact are wholly my responsibility. All material is copyrighted and all applicable laws--well, apply. If you wish to use any of this material, please request to obtain ( or not!) written permission by writing me at <aisling@technoharp.com > And if you notice anything erroneous and feel the urge to correct it, please know I would appreciate it if you would let me know so I can.

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