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Where Celtic Artistry Meets American Engineering is a collaboration between Aisling (Máirín ní Dhubhthagh) and Brie (Briana K. Boose) in experimenting with acoustic sound and its electronic enhancement. Our goal is to record the essence of the ancient bardic tradition using the most up-to-date techniques and adding interest and variety through sound engineering.

Aisling is a player on the  Celtic harp, playing professionally in several bands and as a soloist in Salt Lake City and the Intermountain West since 1987. She plays from the classic Irish, Scots and Welsh repertory, and writes original New Age and Celtic music as well as fitting original lyrics to existing tunes. In addition to performing on her Lyon and Healy Troubadour and the Witcher Gothic lap harp, as well as two wire harps, she experiments with the bowed psaltery, autoharp and various forms of percussion. A published poet and classic fantasy writer, she also illustrates her work with pen-and-ink and watercolor, creating her own album art and webpage design.
Brie is a software engineer, living and currently seeking a position writing software in Salt Lake City. A veteran of over twenty years' experience in the computer industry, sound engineering is only one of her new career skills. Rapidly gaining skill in sound engineering, she has developed unique techniques for amplifying and enhancing the sound of Aisling's music, as well as arranging and composing certain pieces using computer soundbytes. Several of her harmonic arrangements and electronic compositions are available on forthcoming recordings. Drawing on her experience from a former career as a professional photographer, she now uses these skills to enhance the album art available through Aisling's Airts Recordings, as well as writing HTML and Javascript to improve the online presentations of Technoharp. At this point Brie would be delighted to speak to you about a possible software position. Her resume is here.

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